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Candy Teeth Radio!
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Category: Arts
Location: Tacoma
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Candy Teeth Radio is a comedy podcast collaboration between two artists, friends Jeremy Gregory, and Geoff Weeg. Our topics ran...

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May 08, 2017 03:42 PM PDT

What are some of your biggest fears? Sharks? Nuclear war? The Boogie Man? Mayonnaise? Everyone has different things that they dread, but one thing that we bet is high on a lot of people's lists is Public Speaking! Standing up in front of all those people, we worry "What if I forget what I'm supposed to be saying?", or "What if they all laugh at me?!" Well, our guests on this newest episode of Candy Teeth Radio don't have to worry about that second question! Join us as we talk to Shannon Koyano and Andy Miller - in addition to being our friends and perennial favorites here at Candy Teeth, they both happen to be hilarious comedians! We never know what to expect from these two, and they never disappoint! And they bring snacks! You're invited to come hang out with us as we talk with them about everything from finger knives to nunchucks, and we even have a clip of Andy doing a set while totally drunk! We also have a thought-provoking "Question From the Weird Beard" for them, and a brief revelation from the Weird Beard himself! So tune in and join us on this episode as we try not to die laughing! Thanks for listening to Candy Teeth Radio, and as always, Stay Alive!!!

May 01, 2017 10:24 PM PDT

Do you ever have trouble concentrating? Is the chaos of this modern digital world driving you absolutely bonkers and killing your ability to FOCUS? Well, we here at Candy Teeth Radio know how you feel, and in this episode we attempt to help you help yourself (without getting too self-helpy!) Jeremy and Jake are both professional creatives, as you listeners may know, and each of them have some great tips on how to stay focused on your projects! And Geoff relates some methods he uses to keep on track and stay focused while working on misic! As you may have already guessed, the watchword for this episode is focus, but don't worry, we lose it a few times (as always!) and have a ton of fun along the way! So join us for the ride, and as always, Stay Alive!!!
(P.s. This episode can also be used as a drinking game.)
(P.p.s. Candy Teeth Radio does not condone competitive drinking.)

April 08, 2017 06:19 PM PDT

Do you ever wonder what's REALLY going on? Not just here on Earth, but "Out There" too? Sometimes it seems like the best explanation is the craziest sounding one! And on this new episode of Candy Teeth Radio, we bring in an expert to help explain it all! Join us as we talk with artist, painter, and conspiracy theory PHD* (*not really), the delightful Charms Won! His range of interests and depth of knowledge are astounding, and we pick his brain about everything from secret celebrity hand signals, death cults, and the very real possibility of unfriendly aliens living among us! We also discover that Jeremy, Geoff, AND Charms all share an interesting memory from childhood... No, it's not of being abducted by aliens, but of being inspired to draw by insane 80's kids' TV show host Commander Mark! Foreshortening! We also have a "Question from the Weird Beard" for Charms, which may or may not take a dark turn, you'll have to listen in to find out how it ends! Cliffhanger! Thank you for listening, and as always, Stay Alive!!!

March 27, 2017 02:24 AM PDT

Remember Mixtapes? One of the best things from our past? We made this clips episode as a present to you. To show you what Candy Teeth Radio is all about. On this mixtape we revisit some of the crew's favorite guests including Larkin (painter), Justin Winter (tattooist and improv wizard), and Colin Scott Reynolds (musician/singer/songwriter). Stay tuned for more installments of these mixed tapes along the way, peppered in between fresh new content. We love you, and stay alive!

February 18, 2017 05:58 PM PST

Are you a cat lover? Or do you know or love someone who is? Then this episode is for you! Join us here at Candy Teeth Radio as we welcome our fabulous guest, and amazing painter, Casey Weldon! On this episode, Casey tells us about a project of his involving painting dozens of portraits of his fans' pet cats! In Vegas! He also recounts another Las Vegas story or two (he lived there for a while, you see), one of which consists of painting a huge mural, and then throwing a crazy party to paint over it! Casey doesn't just paint cats of course, he uses a wide array of imagery and eye-grabbing techniques, and we talk with him about his art and influences, his experiences showing in various art galleries, and how meeting new people sometimes makes him sweat! Oh, and also how he is friends with internet cat sensation, Bub! In addition, we have a very strange "Question from the Weird Beard" for Casey and his answers will astound you! This is a really fun episode, so tune in and come along for the ride with us! You'll be glad you did, and so will your cat! Thank you for listening, and as always, Stay Alive!!!

February 13, 2017 12:01 PM PST

On this episode the guys are joined by Mural artists Ksra and Carlos Aguilar to talk about painting, traveling, and working at the graffiti supply shop Art Primo. Damion Hayes tells stories from running the short lived Blvd gallery in Seattle, and some of the great shows they had there including Bigfoot, David Choe, etc.
Carlos Aguilar- https://www.facebook.com/aguilar1.0
Damion Hayes-
Also check out the Candy Teeth Radio page for extra content. Thanks for listening and stay alive!

February 06, 2017 05:03 PM PST

The more things change, the more they stay the same, right? We here at Candy Teeth Radio tend to believe this is true, but we also know that sometimes when things change, everything goes bananas! In this newest episode we discuss some of this craziness as it applies to the realms of art and technology! Listen in as we delve into how these worlds intersect. We talk about 3D printing, computer modeling, and virtual reality, and also how these technologies helped to create the infamous Ivan the Gorilla statue. And we have a clip of friend of the show and VR beta tester Isaiah Coberly explaining the ins and outs of virtual reality, and where he thinks it will be taking us in the future. So pile into the Delorean with us and blaze a trail to tomorrow! The future is here today! And of course, as always, thanks for listening, and Stay Alive! Candy Teeth!!!

February 02, 2017 04:41 PM PST

What is going on? What the heck are all those people doing running around with flashlights in the middle of the night? Are they catburglars, or UFO hunters, or what? Well, if you live in Tacoma, they are probably looking for Monkey Balls! "Monkeyshines" is an annual tradition here in Tacoma where an army of glassblowers stage a sort of Easter Egg hunt to celebrate the Chinese New Year. And instead of Easter Eggs, they hide blown glass orbs adorned with the animal of the current year - Monkey Balls! This year's animal is the Rooster, and our very own Jeremy Gregory joined the secret team of hiders to get the inside scoop. And as always, Jeremy recorded everything! Tune in to our running commentary as we listen to the recording, and maybe even drop a few hints on where to look for your very own Monkey Balls! But if you go, be sure to be on the lookout for UFO's! Happy hunting, and as always, STAY ALIVE!!!

January 26, 2017 01:31 AM PST

What is your favorite typeface? Do you even have a favorite? Do you think you know what furniture is for? Well, don't worry, because in this new episode of Candy Teeth Radio, all will be explained! Join us and our guest, the fabulous printmaker Jessica Spring! In addition to running her very own Spring Tide Press, she is also in charge of Tacoma's annual Wayzgoose Printmaking Festival. This interview takes place on the eve of the latest edition if the festival, by the way, and the Candy Teeth Crew still had a long way to go on our design! Listen as Jessica gives us a hard time, and we learn a whole bunch of awesome printmaking and typesetting stuff in the process! She explains to us the real meaning of furniture, reveals her favorite typeface, and introduces us to the "Interrobang"! Jessica also fields an epic Question From the Weird Beard which spirals into the Printmaking Deathmatch of Doom! Who will be the victor? Tune in to Candy Teeth Radio to find out! Thank you for listening, and as always, Stay Alive!!!

January 19, 2017 08:51 PM PST

What were your New Year's resolutions for 2017? Well, here at Candy Teeth Radio, we are resolved to be more awesome and hilarious than ever before! Join us for the first episode of the new 2017 season as we welcome our brand new co-host, Jake Dkoy! Long time listeners will recognize him from some past episodes, and we had so much fun with him, we asked if he wanted to make it a regular thing! So listen in and laugh it up as we introduce Jake and do a 2016 recap! It's been a crazy year, but we at Candy Teeth all made it out alive to tell the story! And we are looking forward to even more fun and craziness in 2017! Also, check out the brand new website, CandyTeethRadio.com, your resource for everything Candy Teeth. So pay us a visit and click play! We'll see you there, and as always Stay Alive!!!

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